Learn as much or as little you want.

The Global MBA offers a range of different learning options. From exploring open content, to collecting digital badges, right through to earning university credit and achieving a degree qualification (award) – the choice is yours.

Here is a list of learning options:

Join an ‘Open Course’ and study for free in Audit mode on Coursera

Start sampling foundational knowledge with the free non-credit 'Open Courses'. Whether you have intentions of joining the Global MBA degree or would just like to 'try before you buy', open courses are a great resource which you will find you can apply to your work immediately.

View all available 'Open Courses' delivered on Coursera (select Audit mode).

Join an ‘Open Course’ and pay a subscription fee to earn a digital badge

If you want your open learning to be certified, you can pay a subscription fee of AU$79 to achieve a digital badge to display on your LinkedIn profile. This learning option gives you access to everything that you would receive in the 'audit mode', plus peer-review assessments, auto-graded quizzes and a digital badge.

View all available 'Open Course' delivered on Coursera (pay for the subscription).

Enrol in single units for university credit (non-award)

Enrol in the Global MBA degree experience with Macquarie University for AU$1375 per unit. This includes foundational and exclusive content videos, readings, faculty moderated discussion forums, faculty-graded assignments and weekly facilitated live events (classes) by faculty. This amounts to approximately 75 hours spread over six weeks. Enrol in the 'non-award' to take a single unit.

Why should I enrol in a single unit? It could be that you want to:

  1. up-skill in specific areas
  2. experience the Global MBA classroom to determine if the degree program is the right fit, or
  3. gain entry into the Global MBA degree as a Performance Track student. The Performance Track is an alternative pathway into the Global MBA, if you don't meet the direct admission requirements to the degree.

Apply for the Global MBA Degree (Award)

You're ready to start this transformational journey! Learn more about how to Apply for the Global MBA here.

If you do not meet the direct admission requirements for the degree but are ready to earn your MBA, you can apply for the Performance Track (Non-Award).

The Exit Award

The Global MBA has introduced an exit award – the Graduate Certificate of Global Business Practice.

If life gets in the way and due to some circumstances you are unable to complete the entire GMBA, you can still exit with a qualification that recognises the study completed.

To exit with a Graduate Certificate:

  • you must be admitted into the Award program and successfully complete 8 units (40 credit points)
  • five of these units must be one from each specialisation (except for Problem Solving).

This option may be suitable for you in the event that you cannot complete the whole degree and wish to exit from the program.

Find out more about our Graduate Certificate of Global Business program in the Handbook.