Study planning

Understand your options and plan your study.

The Global MBA Degree may be completed in as little as 1.5 years (4 units per term) or may be completed at a moderate pace within 3 years  (1-2 units per term). Use the following as a guide to calculate the time to complete the Global MBA Degree. You may choose to increase or decrease your study load in any term. There are six terms (study periods) per calendar year.



Avg. units / term

Fast pace**



Steady pace



Moderate pace



*This is an average and will depend on each individual’s study plan

**This is the minimum time possible to complete the Global MBA degree.

All 20 units in the first five specialisations (Leading, Influencing, Strategising, Analysing and Adapting) must be completed before enrolling in the first two capstone (Problem Solving) units, GMBA8121 Advise and GMBA8122 Be curious. Only after completing these units, can you enrol in GMBA8123 Applied immersion 1 and GMBA8124 Applied immersion 2.

The capstone units are delivered in pairs. This means that you will need to enrol in GMBA8121 Advise and GMBA8122 Be curious at the same time, as well as GMBA8123 Applied immersion 1 and GMBA8124 Applied immersion 2 in the following term.

There are no electives in the program.

Each term consists of 6 weeks. There are 6 terms per year.

As a guide, we recommend allowing 12.5 hours per week per unit (including the 1-hour live event). Please also consider that some units will require group work.

Live events are facilitated by your unit convenor weekly for one hour to discuss unit content with your classmates. You will have the opportunity to interact with your classmates in real-time. While attending live events is not compulsory, they are highly recommended. If you cannot attend, they are recorded for you to watch in your own time.

Please note that each unit is offered twice per year with alternating live event timings (AM/PM) to accommodate different timezones.

Please refer to the unit guides of your unit for assessment information and the live event schedule. Unit guides are published 2 weeks before the start of term.


You can plan ahead and get an idea of when the classes are scheduled for each term. You can also use this to find out more about your unit curriculum by clicking on each of the units which you'll find below.

Please note, the timetable is subject to change, including live event timings. Always refer to the unit guide for the latest information.

Term 2Live event

GMBA8001 Know your people

Tue AM, 8-9am

GMBA8002 Know your organisation

Wed PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8011 Be competitive

Thu AM, 9-10am

GMBA8012 Be global

Tue PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8021 Know your numbers (1)

Wed AM, 8-9am

GMBA8023 Generate insights

Thu PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8031 Communicate with impact

Tue AM, 9-10am

GMBA8032 Manage change

Wed PM, 7-8pm
Term 4Live event

GMBA8013 Be disruptive

Tue PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8014 Be sustainable

Wed AM, 8-9am

GMBA8022 Know your numbers (2)

Thu PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8024 Know your customers

Tue AM, 8-9am

GMBA8033 Negotiate and resolve conflict

Wed PM, 6-7pm

GMBA8034 Engage the board

Thu AM, 8-9am

GMBA8121 Advise

Wed PM, 12-1pm

GMBA8122 Be curious

Thu PM, 7-8pm